Goos Meeuwsen

Since his early childhood Goos Meeuwsen wanted to be a clown. He made his first appearance in a show at the age of 10 and has not left stage since. He studied at the École Nationale de Cirque de Montréal where he completed his diploma in 2004, specializing as a clown. By the end of his studies he was already invited by Cirque du Soleil to participate in the new Las Vegas Show The Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil, where he performed the leading part for one and a half years. Goos, always on the lookout for new inspiration, has since then worked with many different circus troupes and theatre companies, at festivals around the world, as well as in TV Shows. He was part of the creation process of several pieces including Paradis Perdu by Dominic Champagne in Montreal and Adios, a coproduction with Gabriel Rosas in Argentina. Goos Meeuwsen is winner of the Annie Fratellini Prize of the Cirque de Demain Festival. Currently he works together in a duo with Helena Bittencourt. Together they created the piece Half hour to shine and other comical works. At the moment the duo is working together with Daniele Finzi Pasca on his latest creation.